Monday, April 23, 2018

  9:00 AM          Review Commissioners Calendar, Agenda and Consent Agenda

  9:30 AM          Discussion – Criminal Justice Funding ESSB 6032 – OBHC – Jim Novelli

10:00 AM          Briefing Among Commissioners – Discuss Individual Meetings & Schedules

11:00 AM          Finance Committee Meeting – Leah McCormack

  1:00 PM          Executive Session – RCW 42.30.110 (1) (i)

To Follow - Update Planning – Perry Huston

Planning Dept. Study Session

                              a.     Meeting with Yakama Nation

                              b.     Comprehensive Plan Continued Discussion (if time allows)

Cancelled - Administrative Officer Study Session  

  4:00 PM          Discussion – Methow Trails – James DeSalvo & John Hayes

  4:30 PM          Citizen Comment Period

  5:00 PM          Review Consent Agenda and Meeting Minutes


Tuesday, April 24, 2018

  9:00 AM          Commissioners’ Staff Meeting

  9:30 AM          Approve Consent Agenda

1.             Commissioners Proceedings April 16 & 17 2018

2.             Special Occasion Liquor License #368521 – Winthrop Barn 6/23 – Tara Moser

3.             Special Occasion Liquor License Revised #093048 – Patterson Lake Cabins 5/11 & 5/12 – Sarah Stephens

4.             Letter of Support – Ferry County Receiving Funding for Demonstration Network – Dept of Natural Resources

5.             A19-1A Form – Retention Invoice Contract 2013-082G(2-1)– Courthouse Energy Project – Ameresco Quantum

6.             Contract – County Landfill Leachate Pond No. 3 – KRCI, LLC – Public Works

7.             Contract – Liquid Asphalt – Idaho Asphalt Supply, Inc. – Public Works

8.             Service Agreement – Solid Waste Accounting & Scale Software – Scaleit USA – Public Works

9.             MOU – Lease of Office Space -WSU Extension Office --Public Works Administration Building

10.           Resolution 38-2018 – Comp Plan Comment Period & Continued Public Hearing

11.           Resolution 39-2018 – Surplus County Property to be Sold at Public Auction

  10:00 AM          Update-Human Resources/Risk Management-Debi Hilts & Tanya Craig

  10:30 AM          Discussion – Apple Maggot – Dan McCarthy & Jim Marra

  11:00 AM          Cancelled - Update – Public Works – Josh Thomson & Ben Rough

  11:00 AM          Discussion – FIMC Middle Adopter Status – Linda Parlette, Christal Eshelman

  2:00 PM        Discussion – Smoke Jumper Base - Forest Service James Pena & Mike Williams & Cities –Location is TwispWorks  Education Station

                      502 S. Glover St., Twisp, WA.

                ·         Meeting Objective: To establish multi-jurisdictional working partnerships to facilitate the timely advance of the USFS’ stated objective to maintain

                                                         the North Cascades Smokejumper Base in Winthrop.


** From time to time a Quorum of the board may tour or visit county buildings/shops on regular meeting days

State, Community and Other Meetings or Notices

(The meeting locations follows the meeting name. A commissioner may attend one or all of these meetings.

Meetings where a quorum of the board will be present are noted above.)


Wednesday, April 25, 2018

  11:00 AM            Economic Alliance Meeting – Koala Street Grill – Omak

   4:00 PM             Noxious Weed Board Meeting – Commissioners Hearing Room

   5:15 PM             Community Action Council Meeting – Community Action Office


Thursday, April 26, 2018

11:00 AM          Hearings Examiner – Dan Beardslee –Commissioners Hearing Room

Note: All times, are estimates to assist in scheduling and may be changed subject to the business of the day at the board’s discretion. The board may add and/or delete and take any action on any item not included in the above agenda. The board may act upon any subject placed on the agenda regardless of how the matter is stated. All matters listed within the consent agenda have been distributed to each member of the board to read and study. The items are considered routine and will be enacted on by one motion by the commissioners with no separate discussion. If separate discussion is desired, then that item may be removed from the consent agenda and placed on the regular agenda by request. Items discussed during Citizen Comment Period shall be limited only for issues not otherwise on the Agenda or scheduled discussion topics.