April 16, 2012

The Okanogan County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on April 16, 2012, with Chairman Jim DeTro, Commissioner Don Hover, Commissioner Andrew Lampe and Laleña "Lanie" Johns, Clerk of the Board present.

Motion –Extension of Closing Date Addendum Tricor & Chicago Title Companies
Commissioner Hover moved to authorize the chairman to initial the two Extension of Closing Date Addendum’s for the two properties the county purchased (parcel #’s 1130010002 & 1130010001.) Motion was seconded and carried.

Update – Planning
Perry Huston, Leah McCormack, Scott Furman, Spence Higby, Earl Bjorkman

Eastlake Sewer
Public Works Trust Fund
State PWTF board has approved funding opportunities for counties…There appears to be no required match for the funds.

Director Huston explained he would be attending the next meeting of the LSC group meeting on the exempt well proposal in May. This meeting will dictate the direction and intensity of future meetings.

Director Huston stated he is still working with the PWTF Board regarding a restructure of the payment schedule for the loan.

Review Huang correspondence
Other loan opportunities
Director Huston explained Mr. Huang is constructing a cost analysis comparison for the proposed Eastlake Sewer assessments. Director Huston will send the info to the Board for the restructure once complete. There is already an established service area. The Board would like a system wide approach, to determine which viewpoint makes sense. Director Huston stated he would take this to the City of Oroville’s May public works board meeting. Commissioner Lampe said he would like to have the up-front consensus of the Oroville City Council, but that we would wait until the PWTF Board weighs in before taking it to the City.

Commissioner DeTro would like to consider a simple solution, as he does not want to abandon the people in the area and shove undue assessments on them; he wants to go down the most palatable path.

Spence Higby stated it would make a lot of sense if the assessment were applied system wide. That way the new hookups would not have to embrace most of the burden.

Leah McCormack stated she is an advocate of the one stop shopping idea for permitting. She reminded the group that her office does mobile home permitting in conjunction with building and planning departments.

Initiative I 900 was discussed and how it might impact the county. This measure

requires the state auditor to conduct independent, comprehensive performance audits on state and local governments, agencies, programs, and accounts. The act dedicates a portion of the state's existing sales and use tax (1/100th of 1%) to fund these comprehensive performance audits.

Airport moratorium
Public Hearing-staff support
Director Huston stated there have been a few inquiries and challenges that have cropped up regarding the proposed moratorium. He will brief the technical committee so they can weigh in, as they will.

Comprehensive Plan
Legal review-staff recommendation
Director Huston explained he now has several attorneys lined up for the Comprehensive Plan legal review. The board will chose someone once all the attorneys return a quote. In the running are, Hempleman, Derr, Dimmit, and Lund.

Proposed Forest Plan
Grazing leases
Director Huston stated the Forest Service is releasing its new forest plan. The word is that it curtails grazing and messes with the comprehensive plan. Commissioner DeTro stated there is $40 million set aside for land acquisitions. The intent of the feds and state partnership is to increase their land holdings portfolio in order to back the US currency, which would replace the gold standard. The county will comment on the proposed Forest Plan when it is released.

Letter to Commission/Director/staff
The board will meet again with WDFW on April 24, 2012 regarding the MOU and other issues. Letters have been drafted to the Commission, Director, and to staff regarding our continued concerns.

BOCC issues
Director Huston asked whether the county will bank the unused water on the Whistler Canyon property or not. Since the water is not being used on the property it makes sense to bank it; since the 2012 Irrigation water bill for the property was paid in March, the county may receive a refund for any water that is banked.

Public Hearing – CDBG Public Services Grant – Community Action Council
Commissioner DeTro opened the public hearing.

Commissioner Lampe moved to continue the Public Hearing to April 30, 2012 at 1:30 p.m. Motion was seconded and carried.

Motion Tonasket EMS District
Commissioner Lampe moved to adjourn as the BOCC and convene as the Tonasket EMS District Board. Motion was seconded and carried.

Commissioner Lampe moved to surplus the following items belonging to the district, in accordance with RCW 36.34.020, which are valued at less than $2,500:

2 Defibrillators

Phsio-Control Life Pak 10 Defib, 1996, ser#5618 approx. value $50

Phsio-Control Life Pak 10 Defib, 1996, ser#2989 approx. value $50

1987 GMC Suburban – transferred to Tonasket EMS by Aero Methow

VIN: 1GKGV26K0HF506400 Value $200-$500 (has electrical problems and doesn’t run)

Revised Code of Washington, Chapter 36.34.020(2) in part, provides for the disposal of county property, valued at less than $2,500, without advertising or public hearing;

Commissioner Lampe moved to adjourn as the Tonasket EMS and convene as the BOCC. Motion was seconded and carried

Discussion – Health Care Alliance – Hospitals & OBHC
Roger Bauer CEO OBHC and Administrators/Managers: Linda Michel North Valley, Bud Hufnagel Three rivers, Mike Billings Mid Valley Hospital, Debi Clark, Omak Clinic, Mike Hassing, Family Health Centers

Commissioner Lampe invited the group to attend this informational meeting to discuss Okanogan County joining the Eastern Washington Health Care Alliance and how it might affect the healthcare community.

Roger Bauer explained Okanogan County was invited by Spokane County to participate in the Health Care Alliance via a resolution to collaborate. Roger Bauer thanked the board for pulling everyone together for the meeting.

The group discussed how being part of the alliance might affect their individual entities and compared it to managed care with a twist. There are still many questions to be answered.

The concept of bringing the hospitals and specialty primary care providers and payers under a risk sharing agreement was discussed. The idea is not much different from managed care. The powers that be are trying to build another layer on top of a system that is not working as best as it could. Roger Bauer sees the state trying to put forth different models, but what happens will be hard to anticipate. Commissioner DeTro said it seems to him this is just adding another layer of regulation designed to strip the assets from the organization.

Mike Hassing explained the idea is to create a mechanism to administer healthcare and make it more effective and efficient among the providers.

Roger explained what he thinks the motivation is behind this and the leveraging that is happening.

Bud Hufnagel explained he doesn’t know a lot about this, but compared it to ACO’s covered lives. No one is talking about increasing the Medicaid pool, the feds want to put the cost on to the states. The states are saying they can mess it up just as well as the feds. We don’t have the same number of participants as on the west side nor do we have as many people to draw upon or the revenues. We have to take what we get and figure out what to do with it. He feels the hospitals are doing this as efficiently as possible. The resolution being considered doesn’t commit anyone to anything. He suggested engaging with the alliance in order to see where it goes and focus later on how it affects us.

Commissioner Lampe explained the resolution was requested by Spokane County to include with other county resolutions for a grant application. Does the county want to sign something without bringing in all the players it affects the most? Commissioner DeTro expressed that he appreciates the group’s point of view, but stated we need to be careful about accepting grant funding and ensure the grants are transparent. Roger Bauer said Spokane County would manage the grant. Apparently the grant is for around $15,000. Roger Bauer supports Okanogan County joining the Alliance.

Bud Hufnagel thought the resolution could be re-written to our own liking and not using carte blank. Mike Hassing said he would support and encourage the board to sign so that we can continue at the table to learn exactly how this will affect the healthcare entities here. There is a political statement in this saying we are part of the alliance for good or bad or worse there is always pro and cons of that but be aware of the political ramifications.

Mike Billings stated this could shape into something significant. Just because of lack of coordination of care could cost a lot. There is a possibility of a silver lining in this.

Debi Clark stated coming up with an organized system of efficiencies could always help. When it shakes down it looks like it could be a managed care scenario.

Linda Michell doesn’t want to sink much money into it. Will it mean more staff is needed to measure the data? She is interested in the information and would like to learn more about it. Roger stated he would include everyone in the mailing list. He wants them to know he appreciates being able to work with the group.

Discussion – Contracting Juvenile Beds – Dennis Rabidou
Dennis explained he and Nan Kallunki met with Douglas County last week and discussed contracting with them for their Juveniles. Douglas County is serious about leaving Chelan County for the services. Commissioner Hover doesn’t want to bait and switch, he wants everyone to be up front. Dennis stated there are some intricacies to work out. He will come up with a fair analysis of the costs and provide the report to the board. Our costs will fluctuate depending on the number of beds filled.

Dennis will coordinate the meeting to discuss our Juvenile Detention Center plans with the legislature. He plans on having some open houses to keep the public informed.