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Snowmobile Trail Grooming:
Grooming report (509)422-7324 winter months



List of Dual Use Snowmobile Routes:

Please click link below.

2015-2016 Roads Open To Snowmobiles As Well As Other Traffic


ORV / WATV Routes:

Please click links below for current ORV / WATV route information.

Ordinance 2012-3 County Roads open for ORV / WATV

Ordinance 2013-8 Opening Additional County Roads to ORV's

ORV / WATV Route Map Page 1 Okanogan County (updated 3-24-2017)

ORV / WATV Route Map Page 2 Town Detail (updated 3-24-2017)

Click here for Ordinance 2012-3 and 2013-8 ORV / WATV routes kmz file (updated 3-24-2017)
(Note: kmz file can be opened in Google Earth)

Ordinance 2017-1 An Ordinance repealing Ordinance 2014-7 which opened certain county roads to wheeled all-terrain vehicles.

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