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Schedule of Events

Thursday, September 6th

ALL DAY - PUD youth Pole Climb
  9:00am - Market Steer Judging-Steer Barn/Market Swine Judging-Swine Barn/Rabbit Judging-Rabbit Barn
  9:00am to 3:00pm - Junior, Intermediate and Senior Horse Fitting and Showing Classes, Youth Halter Classes, and Riding Classes -Rodeo arena and North arena
10:00am - FFA/4-H Produce Judging Contest-Horticulture Building
11:00am - Jeff Martin/Magic-Rotary stage
12:00 - Longhorns-Rotary stage
12:00 to 3:00pm - FFA Tractor Driving Contest-by the Rodeo arena
  1:00pm - Bottle Baby Calf Show-Beef Show ring
  1:00pm - Market Lamb Judging-Sheep Barn
  1:00pm - Joe Stoddard-Rotary stage
  1:30pm - Grade and Purebred Breeding Class-Beef barn
  2:30pm - Greg Johnston-Rotary stage
  3:30pm - Mutton Bustin’-north end
  4:00pm - Joe Stoddard-Rotary stage
  4:30pm - Little People Fitting and Showing-Sheep Barn
  4:30pm - Little People Fitting and Showing-Sheep Barn
  5:30pm - Jeff Martin/Hypnotist-Rotary stage
  6:00pm - Mutton Bustin’-North end
  6:00pm - Lads and Lassies competition-Sheep barn
  6:30pm - Cat classes and fashion show-Cat Barn
  6:30pm - Youth Horsemanship Class-Rodeo arena
  7:00pm - Fair Queen Pageant-Rotary Stage
  8:00pm to dark - Fun Flix outdoor movie-South end of the Fairgrounds
10:00pm - Fairgrounds closed for the day

Friday, September 7th

 9:00am - Fitting and Showing classes-ALL Barns
  9:00am to 3:00pm - Youth Western, Trail, English and Driving classes- North arenas
11:00am - Jeff Martin/Magic-Rotary stage
11:00am - Poultry Fitting and Showing-Poultry Barn
11:00am - Mutton bustin’-north end
12:15pm - Joe Stoddard-Rotary stage
  1:00pm - Bottle Baby calf show-Beef show ring
  2:00pm - Longhorns-Rotary stage
  2:30pm - Jeff Martin/Hypnotist-Rotary stage
  4:00pm - Joe Stoddard
  4:30pm - Dynamic Duos Competition-Sheep Barn
  4:30pm - Mutton bustin’-north end
  5:00pm - Adult Fitting and Showing-Sheep Barn
  5:00pm - Nashville Stars-Rotary stage
  6:30pm - Briana Renea-Rotary stage
  6:30pm - Cat Fitting and Showing-Cat Barn
  6:30pm - Mutton bustin’-north end
  7:00pm - ProWest Rodeo
  7:00pm - Rabbit Agility-Rabbit Barn
  8:30pm - Branch and Dean-Rotary stage
10:15pm - Mr. Pickles Karaoke
12:00 - Fairgrounds closed for the day

Saturday, September 8th

8:00am to 12:00 - Horse Games-Rodeo and North arenas
  9:00am - Fairgrounds open to the Public
  9:00am - FFA/4-H Livestock Judging followed by Agronomy judging
10:00am - Round Robin Fitting and Showing Contest Small animals-South end
10:00am - Joe Stoddard-Rotary stage
10:00am - Cooking with a Propane Camp Stove, demonstration-Girl Scouts
11:00am - Best Dressed Rabbit Contests-Rabbit Barn
11:00am - Round Robin Fitting and Showing Contest-Large animals-South end
11:30am - Longhorns-Rotary stage
12:00 - Eating contests-Rotary stage
12:30pm - Jeff Martin/Magic- Rotary stage
  1:00pm - Horse racing-Grandstand
  1:00pm - Kay Sibley/Speaker/History of Orcharding dating back to 1850-Commercial building, Followed by; Carol Buswell/Educational Specialist for Archives and Records/family history and census compiled since 1755
  1:00pm - Team roping and Barrel racing-Rodeo arena
  1:00pm - Mutton bustin’-North end
  2:00pm - Poultry Costume contest-Poultry barn
  2:00pm - Nashville Stars-Rotary stage
  3:00pm - Market stock auction-Berg Pavilion
  3:30pm - Jeff Martin/Hypnotist-Rotary stage
  3:30pm - Mutton bustin’-north end
  4:15pm - Joe Stoddard-Rotary stage
  5:00pm - Brittany Jean-Rotary stage
  6:00pm - Mutton bustin’-north end
  6:00pm - First Aid in the Outdoors-demonstration-Girl Scouts
  6:30pm - Company Band-Rotary stage
  7:00pm - ProWest Rodeo
  7:00pm - Andalusian Dancing Horses with Tony Perez and Rancho Los Lagos
  8:30pm - Jeremy McComb-Rotary stage
10:15pm - Mr Pickles Karaoke-Rotary stage
12:00 - Fairgrounds closed for the day

Sunday, September 9th

  8:00am - Worship with Nicole Unser and Cowboy church with Al Parsons-Rotary stage
  8:00am - Rabbit Barn Awards-Rabbit Barn
  9:30am - Parade of Champions-Rotary stage
10:30am - Mood Swings-Rotary stage
11:00am - Horse Races-north end
11:30am - Lota Duarte-Rotary stage
12:00 - Kids horse playday-rodeo arena
12:00 - Sign-ups for Mutton Busting Finals
12:30pm - Mutton Busting Championship
12:30pm - Nicole Unser-Rotary stage
  1:00pm - Fur and Feather Auction-Berg Pavilion
  1:00pm - Premium checks available
  2:00pm - Okanogan County Fair queen coronation-rotary stage
  3:00pm - 2018 Fair closes


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