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 Office of Planning and Development
123 5th Ave N Suite 130
Okanogan, WA  98840
Phone:  (509) 422-7160  Fax:  (509) 422-7349

Notice of Public Hearing
Proposed Lake Management District

Resolution 111-2017:  A Resolution of intent to create a Lake Management District to serve certain limited areas in Okanogan County, Washington.

Map of the Proposed Lake Management District


Notice of Public Hearing


 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Okanogan Board of County Commissioners will conduct a public hearing on July 31, 2017 to take public testimony regarding a resolution stating the intent to form a Lake Management District on Lake Osoyoos in accordance with RCW 36.61. If the Board decides to move ahead with the formation of the district, a mailed ballot will be issued for the property owners within the proposed district boundaries to determine if the district should be formed.  The public hearing will review the boundaries of the district as proposed and the assessments to be collected on an annual basis. The proposed district boundary includes property in the vicinity of Lake Osoyoos.  If approved by a simple majority of the property owners, the district will conduct control measures for milfoil and other invasive species for 5 years at which time the district will dissolve.  An annual assessment of $160 per parcel on all primary properties in the district and $70.00 on all secondary properties in the district will be collected every year for 5 years. Total collections in 5 years will be approximately $180,000.00.

 The SEPA Responsible Official has determined this proposal is categorically exempt from environmental review in accordance with WAC 197-11-800 (16).

 The public hearing will be conducted on July 31, 2017 at 4:00 in the Commissioners Auditorium in the Virginia Grainger Building in Okanogan, Wa. Verbal testimony will be taken with a time limit of 5 minutes per speaker. Written comments may be submitted at the hearing.  Written comments will be accepted prior to the hearing and may be submitted in writing or electronically to Lalena Johns, Clerk of the Board, at 123 5th Ave N Ste 150, Okanogan, WA 98840 or at ljohns@co.okanogan.wa.us.   

 Dates of publishing are July 12, 2017 and July 19, 2017.

 Maps of the proposed district boundary may be viewed on the Okanogan County Planning Department website at www.okanogancounty.org/planning.

 Information regarding this proposal can be obtained from: Okanogan County Office of Planning and Development, Perry Huston, Director of Planning, 123 5th Avenue North, Suite 130 Okanogan, WA 98840 (509)422-7218 or phuston@co.okanogan.wa.us .


Resolution 103-2017 A resolution imposing a morotorium on the sitign of new cannabis growing , producing, or retail operations and the expansion of exiting cannabis growing, producing, processing, or retail operations as vested in accordance with OCC 17A.330 within the unincorporated boundaries of Okanogan County for 6 months from date of adoption or until repealed.  
Document Status/Document    Public/Agency Comments Date Updated 
Ordinance 2017-01 repealing Ordinance 2014-07 which opened certain roads to wheeled all terrain vehicles. Ordinance 2017-01      
Omnibus Hearings for Water Adequacy Information entered into the record for hearing on
February 16, 2017 and February 22, 2017
Omnibus hearing part 1
Omnibus hearing part 2
Omnibus hearing part 3
Omnibus hearing part 4
Water Availability Applications
Water Availability Application Tracking Spreadsheet
Water Applications
Draft Critical Areas Ordinance SEPA Threshold Determination
Draft Critical Areas Ordinance
Draft Critical Areas Ordinance Clean Version
Draft Critical Areas Maps
Draft Title 20:  Development Permit Procedures and Administration Ordinance 2016-8 adopting OCC Title 20
Ordinance 2016-9 repealing Ordinance 2016-5
Final OCC Title 20 dated December 28, 2016
Draft Documents for the continued hearing on December 28th.
Staff Report
Draft Ordinance repealing Orinance 2016-5
Draft Ordinance Adopting OCC Title 20
Draft OCC Title 20 (with tracked changes)
Draft OCC Title 20 (clean version)

Supreme Court Decision for Whatcom County, Hirst et al v. W. Wash. Growth Mgmt. Hr’gs Bd., No. 91475-3 (October 6, 2016).
Ordinance 2016-5 An ordinance pertaining to land use decisions requireing the use of water from other than a certificated source.

Updated draft for continued hearing on December 19, 2016
Updated draft for continued hearing on October 10, 2016
Draft Title 20 Development Permit Procedures and Administration
BOCC Public Hearing continued to December 19, 2016 at 1:30 p.m.


Notice of Continued Public Hearing

Review of new title OCC 20-Development Permit Review and Administration


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Okanogan Board of County Commissioners have continued the public hearing to consider adoption of proposed new title to Okanogan County Code 20 Development Permit Review and Administration. 


The public hearing was continued to December 28th at 2:30 p.m. in the Commissioners Auditorium in the Virginia Grainger Building in Okanogan, WA. They have closed the verbal testimony but have left the record opent to written comments which be accepted prior to the hearing and may be submitted in writing or electronically to Lalena Johns, Clerk of the Board, at 123 5th Ave N Ste 150, Okanogan, WA 98840 or at ljohns@co.okanogan.wa.us.   

 Information regarding this proposal can be obtained from: Okanogan County Office of Planning and Development, 123 5th Avenue North, Suite 130 Okanogan, WA 98840 (509)422-7160.

Final Zone Code Title 17A adopted by Ordinance 2016-4 on July 26, 2016
Addendum Final Environmental Impact Statement Okanogan County Code 17A date of publishing June 29, 2016

Ordinance 2016-04 Adopting Revised Zone Code Title 17A

Ordinance 2016-03 Repealing 2014-16 Interim Zone Code

Resolution 064-2016 Repealing 017-2016 Marijuana Moritorium

Final Zone Code Title 17A adopted by Ordinance 2016-4 on July 26, 2016

Final Zone Code Map (click on map gallery then final zone code map) adopted by Ordinance 2016-4 on July 26, 2016

Notice of SEPA Determination

 Final Environmental Impact Statement-Addendum

Revised Zone Code OCC 17A



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the SEPA Responsible Official for Okanogan County has issued an addendum to the Final Environmental Impact Statement prepared for the revisions to OCC 17A Zoning.  The Final EIS was published on June 29, 2016.  The addendum was prepared in accordance with WAC 197-11-625 and is in response to the Whatcom County, Hirst et al v. W. Wash. Growth Mgmt. Hr’gs Bd., No. 91475-3 (October 6, 2016) decision which altered the manner in which land use applications proposing the use of permit exempt wells are processed.  The addendum concludes that no amendments to OCC 17A are required and the adoption of OCC 17A causes no probable, significant, and adverse impacts to the environment.  


The Okanogan Board of County Commissioners adopted Ordinance 2016-5 which creates an interim procedure for the review of land use applications proposing the use of exempt wells that complies with the Whatcom-Hirst decision.


A copy of the addendum and Ordinance 2016-5 may be viewed on the Okanogan County Planning Department website beginning November 10, 2016 at www.okanogancounty.org/planning  .


Date of publishing is November 16, 2016.


Information regarding the addendum can be obtained from Okanogan County Planning, Perry Huston, Director, 123 5th Ave N Suite 130, Okanogan WA 98840, or phuston@co.okanogan.wa.us.

Draft Zone Code Update


Draft Zoning Code Document transmitted from Planning Commission to BOCC on 06/16/2016
Resolution transmitting the Draft Zone Code from the Planning Commission to BOCC
Draft Zoning Code Maps

SEPA notice
Draft Zoning Code document 10/16/2015
Draft Zoning Code Document for Planning Commission 05/23/2016
Draft Zoning Code Document for Planning Commission 06/06/2016

Alternative 1 Section 17A.290 Cannabis
Alternative 2 Section 17A 290 Cannabis
Alternative 3 Section 17A 290 Cannabis
Final EIS Cover Letter
FEIS I:  Changes to Draft Zone Code
FEIS II:  Changes to Draft Zone Code Maps
FEIS III: Lists of Comments and Topics List of Comments
FEIS IV:  Comments

Comment 1
Comment 2
Comment 3
Comment 4
Comment 5
Comment 6
Comment 7
Comment 8
Comment 9
Comment 10
Comment 11
Comment 12
Comment 13
Comment 14
Comment 15
Comment 16
Comment 17
Comment 18
Comment 19
Comment 20
Comment 21
Comment 22
Comment 23
Comment 24
Comment 25
Comment 26
Comment 27
Comment 28
Comment 29
Comment 30
Comment 31
Comment 32
Comment 33
Comment 34
Comment 35
Comment 36
Comment 37
Comment 38
Comment 39
Comment 40
Comment 41
Comment 42
Comment 43
Comment 44
Comment 45
Comment 46
Comment 47
Comment 48
Comment 49
Comment 50
Comment 51
Comment 52
Comment 53
Comment 54
Comment 55
Comment 56
Comemnt 57
Comment 58
Comment 59
Comment 60
Comment 61
Comment 62
Comment 63
Comment 64
Comment 65
Comment 66
Comment 67
Comment 68
Comment 69
Comment 70
Comment 71
Comment 72
Comment 73
Comment 74
Comment 75
Comment 76
Comment 77
Comment 78
Comment 79
Comment 80
Comment 81
Comment 82
Comment 83
Comment 84
Comment 85
Comment 86
Comment 87
Comment 88
Comment 89
Comment 90
Comment 91
Comment 92
Comment 93
Comment 94
Comment 95
Comment 96
Comment 97
Comment 98
Comment 99
Comment 100
Comment 101
Comment 102
Comment 103
Comment 104
Comment 105
Comment 106
Comment 107
Comment 108
Comment 109
Comment 110
Comment 111
Comment 112
Comment 113
Comment 114
Comment 115
Comment 116
Comment 117
Comment 118
Comment 119
Comment 120
Comment 121
Comment 122
Comment 123
Comment 124
Comment 125
Comment 126
Comment 127
Comment 128
Comment 129
Comment 130
Comment 131
Comment 132
Comment 133
Comment 134
Comment 135
Comment 136
Comment 137
Comment 138
Comment 139
Comment 140
Comment 141
Comment 142
Comment 143
Comment 144
Comment 145
Comment 146
Comment 147
Comment 148
Comment 149
Comment 150
Comment 151
Comment 152
Comment 153
Comment 154
Comment 155
Comment 156
Comment 157
Comment 158
Comment 159
Comment 160
Comment 161
Comment 162
Comment 163
Comment 164
Comment 165
Comment 166
Comment 167
Comment 168
Comment 169
Comment 170
Comment 171
Comment 172
Comment 173
Comment 174
Comment 175
Comment 176
Comment 177
Comment 178
Comment 179
Comment 180
Comment 181
Comment 182
Comment 183
Comment 184
Comment 185
Comment 186
Comment 187
Comment 188
Comment 189
Comment 190

FEIS V:  Response to Comments
Attachment 1: Historic Development Patterns
Attachment 2: State and Tribal Land Acquisition
Attachment 3: Employment Security Department Okanogan County Profile
Attachment 4: OFM Official Forecasts for GMA Updated to June 2016
Attachment 5: review of Population and Building Assumptions
Attachment 6: Board of Health Resolution 2002-7
Attachment 7: WRIA 48 Regulations WAC 173-548-030-060
Attachment 8: Silver Spur Development Agreement
Attachment 9: Nordic Village Plat
Attachment 10: Planning Commission Resolution 2016-1
Attachment 11: 2012 Census of Agriculture Okanogan County
Attachment 12: Background Materials on Cannabis
Attachment 13: To Be Proposed County Civil Enforcement Language
Attachment 14: Okanogan County Fires 2014-2015
Attachment 15: Fire Safe Materials
Attachment 16: Skalitude PD Modification
Attachment 17: State Highway Level of Service
Attachment 18: WAC Noise limits
Attachment 19: MVCC Board Members and Locations
(Information available upon request)
Attachment 20: MVCC Summary
(Information available upon request)
Attachment 21: Conservation Easements

FEIS VI: Bibliography


Draft Zone Code EIS Draft Environmental Impact Statement and Supporting Documents for Draft Zone Code Amendment

Draft EIS
Appendix 1:  Scoping Notice
Appendix 2:  Comments to Scoping Notice
Appendix 3:  Response to Comments to Scoping

Appendix 4: Maps of each District and Summary
Appendix 4a:  Oroville Summary Sheet
Appendix 4a2: Oroville Map
Appendix 4b:  Tonasket Summary Sheet
Appendix 4b2: Tonasket Map
Appendix 4c:  Omak Summary Sheet
Appendix 4c2:  Omak Map
Appendix 4d:  Nespelem Summary Sheet
Appendix 4e:  Okanogan Summary Sheet
Appendix 4e2:  Okanogan Map
Appendix 4f:  Brewster Summary Sheet
Appendix 4f2:  Brewster Map
Appendix 4g:  Pateros Summary Sheet
Appendix 4g2:  Pateros Map
Appendix 4h:  Methow Summary Sheet
Appendix 4h2:  Methow Area Map
Appendix 4i-l:  Zoning By School District
                       Old Zoning by School District
                        Okanogan County Population by
                         School District
                        Ownership by School Distric
Appendix 5:  County Comp Plan Maps
Appendix 6:  Prior Zoning Map and Text
Appendix 7:  Proposed Zoning Map
Appendix 8:  Proposed Zoning Text
Appendix 9:  District Use Chart
Appendix 10:  Population Information
Appendix 11:  Methow and Okanogan Water

Appendix 12:  Critical Area Maps
Appendix 13:  WDFW Acquisitions 1940-2015
Appendix 14:  Agricultural Information
Appendix 15:  Burned Area Maps
Shoreline Master Program Update SEPA Threshold Determination
Final Sepa Determination
Documents resulting from BOCC hearing 06/09/2015
Draft Goals and Policies
Final Draft Shoreline Master Program 06/30/2015
Appendix A:  Inventory and Analysis
Section A.1:  Shoreline Characterization Report

     Section A.2:  AU Characterization Summary Reports
     Section A.3:  Tables
     Section A.4:  Map Portfolio
Appendix B:  Characterization Data Sheets
Appendix C:  Characterization Map Book
Appendix D: 
Draft Shoreline Designations Mapbook
Appendix E: 
CIA Report
Attachment 1:  Cumulative Impacts Analysis Summary Table
Attachment 2:  Descriptions of Stream and Lake Groups
Attachment 3:  Key Area Alterations Maps
Attachment 4:  No Net Loss Report
Appendix F:  Data Tables
SMP Designations Per Group
Current Landuse
Current Buildable Lots
Buildable Acres Summary
Future Use Summary
Appendix G: 
Restoration Plan
Restoration Plan Mapbook
Appendix H: 
Recommended Plant List

Appendix I:  Critical Areas
Historic SMP Info click here      
Critical Areas Ordinance  Resolution 2013-01 recommended approval to BOCC     05/10/2013
Comprehensive Plan 12/22/2014 Comprehensive Plan 12/22/2014
Methow Valley More Completely Planned Area
Methow Valley More Completely Planned Area Sub Unit A
Comprehensive Plan Map
Transportation Map
Interim Zone Code 12/22/2014 Interim Zone Code
Interim Zone Code Map
Interim Zone Code Map by Township
Historic DRAFT Comp Plan Information 2009-2011
Recreation Plan  Okanogan County Recreation Plan 
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D
Appendix E
Appendix F
Appendix G
Appendix H

Juvenile Detention Facility Documents

Notices Agendas/Minutes Correspondence Documents Comments Received
Notice 01/14/2016 Juvenile BOCC Minutes February 2013 Culp Correspondence Juvenile Court Workload Cost Chandler Comment
  BOCC Admin Agenda 01/25/2016 Rabidou Correspondence SLSS January Newsletter Hilderbrand Letter
  Agenda 02/23/2016 Methow Engineering WA State Juvenile Justice Profile Eiffert Letter
  Agenda 03/15/2016 Cooley & Associates Engineering Martin Hall Visit Burchard Letter
Superior Court Judges and Administrator/Juveline Service Director:  Legal Issues Related to Detention 2013 Juvenile Disposition Manual Yakabi Letter
  Agenda 04/26/2016   Juvenile Annual Summary Report February 2013 Prince Letter
  Agenda 05/10/2016   Okanogan County Justice Facility Project February 2013 Crampton Letter
  Agenda 06/14/2016   BOCC Letter to Senator Parlette February 2013 Stephens Letter
  BOCC Minutes May 2004   Okanogan County Justice Facility Project Tachell Comment
      Washington Model for Juvenile Justice Heindselman Comment
      Juvenile Detention Standards in Washington State LaffertyWilson Comment
      Preliminary Estimates Bussler White Comment
      Martin Hall February 2014 Hope Comment
      Martin Hall Visit 2 Vaughn Comment
      02/02/2016 Chronicle J. Burchard Juv Facilities and Martin Hall Barnett Comment
      02/02/2016 Chronicle Opinion Article Juv Facilities and Martin Hall Okanogan Behavioral Health Comment
      Wenatchee World 02/08/2016 McMillan Comment
McMillan Email
      Juvenile Report Hope Comment 2
      Article Martin Hall May Close Abel Comment
      Lincoln Co Audit Swanson/Johnson Comment
      Douglas County Contract Neeley Comment
      East Wenatchee Contract McMillan Comment
      Jans Contracts Email Methow Valley Independent Learning Center Comment
      Omak Chronicle LTE Spohn Comment
      BOCC Memo 10/26/2015 Castner Comment
      Chronicle 03/02/2016 Spohn Comment 2
      Letter to the Editor 03/02/2016 Methow Valley Independent Learning Center
      OCJC Population vs. Budget  
      Chelan Power Point McNamara Comment
      Juvenile Facility BOCC Presentation Chelan Superior Court Comment
      Okanogan Bar Association Resolution 06-21-16 Timbers Comment
        Okanogan County Community Coalition Comment
        Ehrhard Comment
        Rehm Comment
        Heindselman Comment 2
        Coe Comment
        Okanogan County Public Health Comment
        Kiwanis Comment
        Angela Skirko Comment



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