Adoptions are filed in the Superior Court of the county in the State of Washington, in which the adoptive parents lived when the adoption occurred. In some cases, relinquishment of parental rights may have been filed in a different county than the adoption. In this instance, you would have to contact the Clerk of the Court in that county, since each Clerk is only authorized to search records within their own county.

For a record of adoption that occurred in a state other than Washington, write or telephone the appropriate state. The Department of Health, Center for Health Statistics, maintains a current list of information for other states.

To secure documents for children born in a foreign country to U.S. citizens, write to Passport Services, Correspondence Branch.

Records Sealed

Adoption / Relinquishment records are sealed and may not be viewed by any person except by court order.
RCW 26.33.330

Decree of Adoption

The clerk is required to collect the referenced forms for each individual adopted in the State of Washington:

Adoption Data Card is sent to the state Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) for reporting under federal requirements. This form is also available from the County Clerk in hard copy. No fee is required to process at the DSHS.
RCW 26.33.300

Application for Adoption Registration is sent to the Center for Health Statistics for re-registration and issuance of birth certificate. This form is only available from the County Clerk in hard copy form. The fee for a new birth certificate is dependent on the state in which the child was born.

Search for Birth Parents or Adopted Child

The county clerk maintains a list of Confidential Intermediaries (per statute) who may be appointed to search for and contact the birth parent(s) or adopted person. The person searching is responsible for contacting a Confidential Intermediary of their choice and any fee that may be required. Please do not ask the County Clerk to intervene or act on your behalf.

RCW 26.33.343 Search for birth parent or adopted child - Confidential Intermediary. A confidential intermediary may be appointed to search for and contact the birth parent or adopted person, or if they are not alive or cannot be located within one year, the intermediary may attempt to locate members of the birth parent or adopted person's family.

As of March 2, 2021, listed below are resources that this office provides to persons wishing to search or make contact,
pursuant to RCW 36.23.090

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