2022 History

Bonaparte Lake Rd Flash Flood - June 3, 2022
Conconully Flood, July 4, 2022
July 4, 2022 Conconully Flood
Photos from 07/04/2022

DJI_0119        DJI_0144 - Copy
Conconully State Park                                                       North Fork Bridge
Brodway and Main         Conconully State Park
Broadway and Main                                                         Conconully State Park
North of Diversion         IMG_9475 - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy
North of the Diversion                                                      PUD
IMG_9567 - Copy - Copy       IMG_9605 - Copy - Copy - Copy

Conconully State Park                                                                                                                                              

Update:  July 4, 2022 at 10:30 PM

The road into Conconully has reopened, and asking for minimal traffic.

FS Road 38 does have a barricade up due to damage. 

Conconully State Park has been evacuated and the Park Service has placed the campers in various places.

There has been damage to property and at this time one house has been destroyed.

The Road into Conconully is CLOSED due to Flash Flooding of the North Fork Salmon Creek.  Debris is blocked up on 2 bridges.  Okanogan County is fully aware of the situation and has Public Works, State Parks, Fire, Sheriff's Office, City of Conconully all working on it.  All persons in the Kerr Campground and Oriole Campground have all been contacted.  Traffic is only being allowed out of Conconully at this time.

There is also flooding on Elmway, the City of Okanogan Public Works is aware of the situation and working on it.

You should be aware of your surroundings at all times and stay away from bodies of water.

2022-08-04 Riverside Cutoff Fire

2022-08-04 Fire 6     2022-08-04 Fire 5  

                                                  2022-08-04 Fire 2
Photos:  August 4, 2022 Riverside Cutoff Fire 
Last updated 08/04/2022   
1:45 PM  

Forest Service and DNR are currently in mop up and the roadway restrictions have been lifted.

Please be aware and cautious of fire personnel and machinery in the area.

2022-08-04  1227

Currently as of 10:45 AM today August 4, 2022 there is a fire burning in the triangle area between Conconully Rd and the Riverside Cutoff Rd.

They are requesting that persons stay clear of the area and out of the way.

Traffic control is being set up at the intersection of Riverside Cutoff Rd and Conconully Highway and the intersection of  Johnson Creek Rd. and Riverside Cutoff Rd.

Updates will be posted here as we receive them.
2022-08-04 1045