Capital Road Projects

Six Year Transportation Improvement Program (Six Year TIP)

The Six Year Transportation Improvement Program (Six Year TIP) is a ‘long-range’ advance road and bridge construction program that identifies projects that are planned or needed over the next six years and indicates whether the project is funded, partially funded, or unfunded. The Six Year TIP is updated and approved annually by the County Commissioners, and is based on needs identified through the Priority Programming process and the annual Bridge Inspection Report and policies identified in more long-range plans. After adoption, the Six Year TIP is forwarded to the Okanogan Council of Governments for incorporation into the Regional Transportation Improvement Plan (RTIP) which is then forwarded to Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) for inclusion in the State Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP) where all projects requesting use of federal funds and/or considered regionally significant must be listed before funds will be obligated.
Annual Construction Program

The annual road program is typically the first year of the six-year program with additional specifics such as priority, work method (contract or county forces), and planned equipment purchases.
The program must include recommendations for all road and bridge projects and all road equipment purchases for the ensuing year. For construction, a specific list of projects is required, along with cost and method information. The recommended plan “... shall conform as nearly as practicable to the county’s long-range road program”. The annual program is also required to include the amounts to be expended for maintenance; however details of proposed expenditures do not have to be included.

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For specific questions concerning the program call (509) 422-7300.
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