Dispatch Advisory Board

The Dispatch Advisory Board (DAB) is a representative board that advises the Sheriff as to the operational needs of the dispatch center to meet the needs of the agencies served by the dispatch center.

The by-laws state in part: "The purpose of the Board is to coordinate and implement standardization, efficiency and data management across the public safety spectrum throughout Okanogan County. Due to this effort extending across all public safety disciplines, membership on the Board includes partners who have a role in public safety and information sharing to ensure cohesive communications with all partners."

The DAB is comprised of the following representatives:
  • Cities - Pateros Mayor Kelly Hook and Alternate Winthrop Councilman Seth Miles
  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS) - Lifeline General Manager Wayne Walker and Alternate Fire District 15 EMS Director Tanya Vallance
  • Fire Protection - Fire District 06 Chief Cody Acord and Alternate Fire District 06 Asst. Fire Chief Rusty Stamps
  • Law Enforcement - Omak Police Chief Dan Christensen and Alternate (open nomination pending)
  • Dispatch - Chief Deputy Mike Worden and Alternate Sgt. Michael Whitley
  • Okanogan County Board of Commissioners - Commissioners Jon Neal and Alternate Commissioner Andy Hover
  • Member At Large #1 - City of Brewster Clerk Misty Ruiz and Alternate TBD
  • Member At Large #2 - TBD

DAB Meeting Minutes
2023- 4/27/2023 MINUTES
2022- 2/16/2022, 10/19/2022
2021- 1/6/20214/28/20217/28/2021
2020- 8/26/202010/28/20207/22/2020, 5/1/2020 (file corrupted)2/9/2020
2019- 12/6/20192/9/2020

Next Meeting: July 26th, 2023 @ 1:30PM
Annual Meeting: October 25th, 2023 location TBD

Law Enforcement Agencies Dispatched

Fire Protection Agencies Dispatched
EMS Agencies Dispatched