Name Change


Frequently Asked Questions

Where to File
Any person desiring to change his/her name or that of his/her child or ward may apply to the District Court of the county in which he/she resides. However, when a person desiring to change his/her name or that of his/her child or ward is a victim of domestic violence and the person is seeking to have the name change file sealed due to reasonable fear for his/her safety or that of his/her child or ward, the matter should be filed in Superior Court.
You, the petitioner, must complete the Petition for Change of Name which is provided by the clerk.

TOTAL FEES: $306.50

The filing fee is $88.00. NOTE: If the Name change is granted, an additional fee of $218.50 will be assessed, which will cover the Auditor’s recording fee and 3 certified copies. Please be prepared to pay the fees on your court date.

If you are indigent and can’t afford to pay the required fees, you can seek a GR 34 waiver of all filing, administrative and recording fees. District Court can provide you the proper form to seek a waiver.

Documents needed for the court hearing: Adult-Photo Identification card. Child-Copy of birth certificate and photo identification card for the parent requesting.

Parties that need to be present for the name change of a child: Both parents must be present unless there is a notarized signature showing the non-petitioning party has joined the petition. Children over 10 years of age also must be at the hearing. If the non-petitioning party has had his/her parental rights officially terminated by a court order then that party’s presence is not required. However, such a termination is different from a parenting plan or custody order that simply does not allow visitation.

If the non-petitioning party has not agreed to the name change, then the non-petitioning party must be personally served with notice of the time and date of the hearing, along with a copy of the Petition. A Notice of Hearing form is available for such use. Personal service must be made at least 20 days before the scheduled hearing and proof of service must be filed with the Court. If personal service cannot be made then the petitioning party may wish to seek an alternative form of service authorized under CRLJ Rule 4, such as service by publication. There are specific requirements regarding when such alternative service is authorized and how it must be made. A party may wish to seek legal advice to make sure they have properly complied with the rules
Additional certified copies of the Order are $5.00. Regular copies are $.50.
Required Notification to Other Agencies
The original Name Change Order will be recorded for you with the Okanogan County Auditor. The $203.50 recording fee is included in the fees charged at the time the petition is granted.

The Department of Vital Records in your birth states requires a certified copy. If you were born in Washington, mail the certified copy to: Department of Health, Center for Health Statistics, P.O. Box 9709, ET-11, Olympia, WA 98507-9709. It is suggested you request a copy of your birth certificate reflecting the name change. There is a charge for this procedure. Include a stamped, self addressed envelope.

The Social Security Department requests and keeps a certified copy of the name change. The address of the local office is: Social Security Administration, Social Security Number Unit, Federal Building, 301 Yakima Street, G-301, Room 212, Wenatchee, WA 98807 1-800-772-1213.
You must change the name on your driver’s license. The Department of Licensing requires a copy, not
certified, to issue a new license.

If you are in the military service, you will need an additional certified copy for your military records
Hearing and Courtroom Procedures
Petitions for Change of Name are heard on Tuesday afternoons at 1:30 p.m. You will be given a court date when you complete the Petition for Name Change and pay the filing fee.

When the Judge calls your name, report to the front of the Courtroom. The Judge will then ask you some general questions and review your identification documents. If the Judge allows the name change, you will return with the file to the District Court office, pay the recording fee and certification costs of $218.50, the paperwork will be processed, and certified copies will be made and provided to you at that time.