Youth in Custody

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Who do I contact about court information?

For information about court times and/or locations, the Court Services Office is open Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. (509)422-7250. For any questions after hours the Juvenile Detention Center may be contacted at (509) 422-7260.

What about visiting?

Visiting times are 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM and 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM on Saturday, Sundays and all major holidays. Only parent(s)/guardian(s) will be allowed to visit youth unless otherwise authorized by the Detention Supervisor. Visits are generally limited to 20 minutes. All visitors are subject to search and seizure. Visitors who show up intoxicated or behave inappropriately will be denied visits. Visits are conducted in the Correction Center Building with the entrance located at the back alley. Follow the driveway to the sally port and the sidewalk to the door with the camera overhead. Corrections staff will let visitors in after it is determined whether or not the individual has met the guidelines for visitation. The only personal items accepted include postage stamps and appropriate books or magazines. We ask that these items be brought in only once during the youth’s stay and that the books and magazines be donated to the facility when the youth leaves. Prescription medications may be brought in at any time. Any over-the-counter medications must receive prior approval before being accepted.

Who do I contact for approval of visits and bringing in personal property?

The Detention Supervisor is the person to contact for approval of any special visits and/or bringing in of personal property not listed above. The supervisor can be reached by calling (509) 422-7260

What does a youth need in detention?

Youth's clothing and personal hygiene items are provided by the facility. Youth's personal clothing and property will be returned at the time of their release.

What about phone calls?

Youth can normally make phone calls during recreation periods unless a special phone call is authorized. All calls going out of the facility are collect only. The detention phones do not accept calling cards and will not connect with cellular or digital phones. Monday-Friday recreation periods are generally held during the day from 2:00-3:00 PM. Evening recreation times vary from 6:00 to 11:00PM, depending on the day and the level the youth is on.

What is the level system?

All youth placed in detention begin on Level 1. They may advance up to Levels 2, 3, and 4 depending on their participation, behavior and length of stay. The higher the level, the more recreation time they are allowed.

Can I get a message to a youth?

Youth are allowed call in messages from parents and guardians only. Messages need to pertain to the specific youth only. Non-pertinent or non-emergent messages will not be accepted or relayed.

Can a youth mail or receive letters?

Youth are allowed to mail out two letters per week during their stay. Postage for the first two letters is provided by the facility. Letters sent out by any youth can not have any writings or drawings on the envelope other than the sending and receiving addresses. Any letters in excess of two will have to be paid for by the youth or parents. Parents or guardians can bring in or mail in stamps. All letters received are subject to search and seizure. Any photographs or drawings in letters will be screened for appropriateness. Only pictures of family members will be approved for the youth to have in their room.


All meals are SPI (Superintendent of Public Instruction) approved and meet the nutritional requirements for the youth. Youth generally receive a snack during school and night time recreation.

What about school?
School is provided for youth in detention through the Okanogan School District. If youth want to do school work from their school of attendance, this must be arranged by the youth or their parents or guardians. The regular school of attendance must be contacted and made aware of the youth’s situation. The school will then need to contact the Detention School staff to coordinate the youth’s curriculum. Detention School staff are willing to work with the schools, youth and families to keep youth on track in their education. Preparation for the GED is also available to youth.
What about medical needs or doctor appointments?

All appointments need to be pre-approved through the Detention Supervisor. Parents are sometimes allowed to take their youth to the doctor appointment, depending on the youth’s court status and/or other considerations. Parents are responsible for medical costs. In the case of an emergency, corrections staff will transport youth to the medical facility and parents will be contacted as soon as possible.

Who do I contact to find out when my child can be released?

Parents or guardians may call the Juvenile Corrections Center to find out release date and time. If the youth is going to be released to an adult other than the parent or guardian, arrangements must be made and approved prior to the release.

Where do I go to pick up my child at the time of release?

During the work week, Monday-Friday, the parent or guardian would go to the second floor of the Criminal Justice Building that is to the north of the Juvenile Corrections Center. The receptionist will then call Corrections Staff and inform them that the parent or guardian is there to pick up the youth. After hours or on the weekend youth may be picked up at the Juvenile Corrections Center back entrance.