Our Values

The Sheriff's Office exists to serve the community by preventing crime, enforcing laws, maintaining order and aggressively pursuing criminal offenders. We demand excellence, accountability, cooperation and a strong work ethic in those that serve the public. We value team players, decision makers, problem solvers, laws, human life and the Constitutions. We ensure the public trust through our core principles of integrity, teamwork and vigilance.

By choosing a career in law enforcement we recognize that the community holds us to the highest standards of conduct. Our values are held constantly before us to teach and remind us of our uncompromising allegiance to our core principles. They are the foundation upon which our policies, operations and goals are built.

Teamwork fosters cooperation, creates and reinforces a positive work culture. We take pride in working collectively with the public and all our law enforcement partners. We will value our fellow employees, strive to treat everyone with the same respect, dignity, courtesy and consistency that we expect from others.

Providing competent, proactive, community oriented policing by developing a diverse, innovative and well-trained work force to achieve our goals.

Sheriff Paul Budrow