Inmate Financial

Each individual in the Okanogan County Jail has access to their "Inmate Account" via the PayTel phone system. This account is created at the time of Booking and any US funds on their person at the time of Booking are placed into this account. 

Friends or Family can place money on an Inmate Account in several ways:

Lobby Kiosk
The Lobby Kiosk is open 24/7 and will accept Cash, Debit Card or Credit Cards

US Postal Service
The Jail will accept "Money Orders Only" through the US Mail. Money Orders must be completed in the Inmates Name and addressed to Okanogan County Corrections. Under no condition will Money Orders received for Inmates be place on the Inmates Property. All Money Orders will Deposited on the Inmate's Account or returned to Sender.

Online Service
Money can also be placed on an Inmate's Account through the online service listed below.