WRIA 49 Watershed Planning Unit






Water Resource Inventory Area 49

Watershed Planning Unit

Commissioners Auditorium Virginia Grainger Building

September 12, 2019, 6:00 to 8:45 p.m.



6:00 Come to Order/ Introductions                                                                          Thornton


6:05 Voting Members Review                                                                                    Thornton


6:10 Agenda Approval                                                                                                   Thornton


6:15 Approval of Minutes                                                                                             Thornton


6:20 DOE Update                                                                                                              Brinkhuis


Old Business

6:25 RFQ Update                                                                                                              Hubbard/Nelson


6:40 Ecology Domestic Water Supply Policy                                                         Brinkhuis/Nelson


6:50 Sub-watershed Boundaries                                                                               Hubbard/Nelson


New Business

7:30 2009 Plan Review                                                                                                   Nelson/Thornton


8:45 Next meeting date:  ?????



Date Minutes Agenda Documents
01/03/2019     Example Ground Rules
Icicle Creek
Section 203
Past Okanogan Watershed Planning Unit
02/07/2019 click here click here  
03/07/2019   click here Power Point Presentation Buildout
Operating Procedures
04/04/2019   click here WRIA 49 Buildout Presentation
Buildout Spreadsheet
Buildout Map
SFDU 2010-2018 spreadsheet
Building permits map
HUC 12 Map
Operating Procedures
      Culhane WRIA 49 presentation
2009 USGS GW SW interactions WRIA 49
1974 Walters(a)
1974 Walters (b)
07/11/2019 click here   WRIA 49 Basins Map
Buildout Presentation
Wells Days Below
Group A totals
SFDU 2010-2018
SFDU 2010-2018 Map
Buildout Data

WRIA 49 Application

WRIA 49 Planning Unit Membership List

ESSB 6091 Section 202

RCW 90.94

ESSB 6091 Presentation

WRIA 49 Water Right Holder Areas (North Central South) Map

DOE Presentation

Whatcom County Presentation

Interim Guidance for Net Ecological Benefit

Department of Ecology Recommendations for Water Use Estimates

Aspect Water Withdrawal Study

Current Okanogan Watershed Plan