In accordance with RCW 29A.12.130 and WAC 434-335, a Logic and Accuracy Test will be conducted on the Okanogan County vote counting equipment. The test will be held in the Okanogan County Auditor’s Office at 2:00 PM, Wednesday, July 6th, 2022.

At that time a “test deck” of ballots will be run through the vote tabulating equipment.  The test is designed to check the ballot tabulating and precinct programming.


Welcome to the Okanogan County Auditor's Office

The responsibilities and duties of the Auditor are diverse and require knowledge in many different areas from recording deeds and other instruments, to serving as the county's chief ex-officio supervisor of all elections. The auditor is responsible for the administration of four divisions: recording, financial services, motor vehicle licensing and elections.

The Auditor’s office mission is to safeguard taxpayer’s money in our control and see that it is spent wisely and for authorized purposes. We recognize that our primary responsibility is to our citizens and we are committed to the delivery of quality services.

How does vote by mail work?