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Sheriff Paul Budrow
123 5th Ave, Room 200
Okanogan WA, 98840
(509) 422-7200

Sheriff Budrow’s Message

It is an honor to be elected as Okanogan County Sheriff by the citizens. I took my oath of office and assumed the full duties as Sheriff of Okanogan County.

I have been in Law Enforcement for over thirty-eight years.  Since the day I was hired as a Peace Officer, I have been proud to be part of this profession. I couldn’t be prouder to now be working with this outstanding agency.

My goal, along with every member of the Okanogan County Sheriff's Office, is to serve in a way which makes the community proud by modeling our agency values of Integrity, Vigilance, and Teamwork. We pledge to be progressive and work with our community partners to address public safety and do it in a fair and just manner.

We are living in historic and challenging times.   Our agency has felt the tremendous influences of the COVID pandemic and have had to adapt to the effects like everyone else, personally and professionally.   It has greatly impacted our services and operations over the last three years.   The effects of the pandemic are lessening, but we will feel the effects for many years. We have a responsibility to keep our staff safe in our operations, keep the public safe when they interact with us and assure the safety of those incarcerated within our Okanogan County Corrections Center. We are constantly monitoring the situation and making changes to adapt as we deal with the ups and downs of this pandemic. 

Additionally, our law enforcement profession is going through profound changes.  The death of George Floyd and the resulting national spotlight on Law Enforcement and Police reform has caused us to pause and rethink our methods for doing police work. Washington State has enacted many new laws affecting the police profession and promoting police reform, which has greatly changed the expectation on Law Enforcement and how we provide services. 

We are committed to adapting and growing to meet changing expectations and best practice standards.  We have set ourselves up to address much of the call for police reform having incorporated many of the tenants of reform and training in our strategic planning process.  We will continue to work with our communities to provide the best public safety service.  

I look forward to serving you as Sheriff and on the behalf of all in the Okanogan County Sheriff's Office. Thank You for your continued support of our agency and all those who serve our community. 

                               - Sheriff Paul D Budrow

Sheriff Paul Budrow is the elected official charged with the public safety of Okanogan County and the administration of the Okanogan County Sheriff's Office. Sheriff Budrow is the 31st Sheriff of Okanogan County and has served in this capacity since 2023.


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